A Beacon is a proximity-based IoT device that utilizes low-energy Bluetooth or Wifi signals to interact with a nearby smartphone, in order to exchange valuable customer data. Beacons are the next big innovation for Brick-and-Mortar stores, with added benefits of smart behaviour tracking, in-store analytics and smart offline advertisement.

Beacon Solution Design

If you’re a Showroom or Shop owner, you can gain valuable insights about the traffic and activity your establishment is generating. Beacons can be configured to track user buying patterns, number of visits, and related intelligence parameters that can greatly transform your marketing efforts, and offline sales.

Beacons are the next big thing in the IoT revolution bridging the divide between B-n-M sites and the digital world. MiiCode helps you design a winning Beacon implementation to boost your sales, gain better insights and reinvent how you market your business.

Our Ethereum Process



Refining the idea.



Documenting the idea.


MVC Development

Minimum Viable Product.


Beta Release

Testing with users.



Monitoring & Feedback.


Production Launch

Ready for the big day.

Why Mii Code?

At MiiCode, we use the latest IoT tech tools to develop an impactful Beacon implementation for your store. Easily deploy a physical Beacon at your shop and integrate it with your online presence to offer a rich proximity-based experience to your customers. We deeply study your B-&-M store requirements to come up with a lucrative Beacon strategy, aligned with your business and sales goals.

Top Features

  • Integrate GPS services such as Google My Business for easy discoverability of your business.
  • Create avenues for smarter offline marketing with Google Ad tracking.
  • Provide customized content and services to your customers with the help of in-store Beacons.
  • Beacons integrate with your Mobile App, your Web App and give your store a Physical Web address that users can easily browse.

Key Service Offerings

  • Developing Mobile Apps and Solutions for Beacons
  • Integrating Web Services into your Beacon project
  • Deploying Beacon Strategy for your Physical Store
  • Beacon End-to-End Setup Services
  • Beacon QA & Testing Services

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