Bitcoin created history soon after its launch has been partaking in setting industry milestones throughout its existence. It’s one of the largest Blockchains currently active that is primarily used for the zeitgeist cryptocurrency - “The Bitcoin” that enjoys a market cap close to $200 billion.

Bitcoin Solution Development

Bitcoin is what introduced the world to Blockchain, and it’s time you leverage it for your own big idea. MiiCode offers dedicated ideation and product development services centred around using Bitcoin for transactional or tokenized systems.

Bitcoins are essentially used for transactions. A person can anonymously and immutably transfer funds using a Bitcoin Wallet. Your business can use this feature for building apps that trade, distribute or store Bitcoins for end user convenience. You can also use Bitcoins for accepting Bitcoins and build payment solutions.

Our Bitcoin Process



Refining the idea.



Documenting the idea.


MVC Development

Minimum Viable Product.


Beta Release

Testing with users.



Monitoring & Feedback.


Production Launch

Ready for the big day.

Why Mii Code?

At MiiCode, we help you harness the advantages of this mammoth Bitcoin with our Bitcoin dApp developers. We are skilled at creating new applications, provide advisory for ICOs and publish new tokens for your own business environment.

Top Features

  • Bitcoin itself doesn’t levy a fee for transacting.
  • Bitcoin is safer than most leading banks and payment providers for moving funds.
  • Bitcoin is one of the fastest modes for making international payments across the planet.
  • Fully transparent and verifiable using a public key.
  • Bitcoin supports multi-signature features wherein multiple parties can sign a transaction.

Key Service Offerings

  • Bitcoin Payment Solutions
  • Integrate Bitcoin for Accepting Payments
  • Wallet App Development using Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Analytics Solutions
  • dApps using Bitcoin Parsers
  • ICO/IPO Advisory and Planning

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