Ethereum is one of the most popular Blockchain networks for building decentralized applications using its own programming language called Solidity. It currently supports one of the largest pools of smart contracts with a market cap of more than $30 billion.

Ethereum Solution Development

Want to use the immensely popular Ethereum blockchain for deploying your own smart solution? MiiCode helps you formulate, strategize and materialize a practical Ethereum product that both the investors and users will love.


Ethereum dApps


Ethereum Tokenomics


Smart Contracts

How is Ethereum Useful for your business?

Ethereum is great for building dApps or decentralized Applications. These apps use the power of Blockchain to store, retrieve and distribute immutable pieces of information. Be it cryptocurrency exchange or smart contracts, Ethereum is one of the best Blockchain networks in the market to deploy your next solution.

ERC-20 Token

Ethereum publishes tokens that hold a piece of information inside them. It’s like a coin - it may hold a small numerical value such as - “$10”. This value has significance when you transact in the real world. Ethereum tokens work in the same way. ERC 20 Token is a version of Ethereum tokens that is used in contracts. It basically represents a type of Ethereum token, just like, 10 or 20 dollar bills. The ERC 20 token is used on the Ethereum blockchain for configuring transactions.

ERC-71 Tokens

ERC 71 Token is a special token which is non-fungible in nature and is completely unique in itself. It represents a little more value than a coin, and can withhold more information, such as a paper check, which has IFSC Code, Account Number and Your Name on it. No 2 checks are exactly the same, hence, ERC 71 tokens are also unique to each other.

Our Ethereum Process



Refining the idea.



Documenting the idea.


MVC Development

Minimum Viable Product.


Beta Release

Testing with users.



Monitoring & Feedback.


Production Launch

Ready for the big day.

Why MiiCode ?

At MiiCode, we help you realize the power of this mammoth Blockchain Network with our Ethereum Blockchain developers. We are skilled at creating new applications, provide advisory for ICOs and publish new tokens for your own business environment.

Top Features

  • It offers its own token called Ether for transactions.
  • It’s suitable for Smart Contracts that can be easily configured with the Blockchain.
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine helps developers create dApps that readily communicate with the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Completely Immutable and Anonymous.
  • Open source and free for building new applications.

Key Service Offerings

  • Ethereum Application Advisory
  • Smart Contracts Development
  • Wallet App Development using Ether
  • dApp Development based on Ethereum
  • Deploy a Permissioned Blockchain
  • ICO/IPO Advisory and Planning

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