Blockchain is a technology that enables businesses to build highly transparent and secure transactional systems. It’s one of the leading contenders for million-dollar startups and offers a wide variety of applications for all kinds of use cases.

Blockchain Development Services

At MiiCode, we materialize your idea into a fully functional blockchain product. We offer dApp development, Mobile App development and customized solutions such as Hypeledger Sawtooth and more for your business.


Blockchain Strategy


dApp Development



The MiiCode Advantages

Industry-Ready Blockchain Solutions

We build solutions that are industry-ready and can be validated in the market using open chains such as Ethereum, Corda or OpenLedger.

The Tools You Need

We support all kinds of popular blockchain tools such as Multichain, Hyperledger and Bitcoin, for building an all-encompassing solution for you.

APIs and Custom Development

No matter if you want to build an API for your dApp or customize it to your business objectives, we offer both the services with full proficiency.

Our BlockChain Process



Clearly document and present the idea.



Assess the market viability, user surveys and system analysis.


POC Development

Creating a Proof-Of-Concept for materializing the idea.



Beta launch for validating the idea and integrating feedback



Finalizing the idea for full product launch and global release.


Continued Support

Constant upgrades, 24x7 project support and new rollouts.

Why MiiCode ?

MiiCode has provable expertise and experience in building Blockchain-enabled solutions for Startups and Enterprises that have been scaled beyond boundaries. We not only develop your solution but also provide our business intelligence services to make it competitive and relevant in the market. We have consulted a number of IPOs and ICOs for success. MiiCode also provides you cost-efficiency with the help of experienced professionals who deliver the project swiftly. From Ideation to Production, we have shortened project completion timeframes drastically with our agile methodology.

Technologies We Work With

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Consult a Blockchain expert today to discover new possibilities and churn out the best solution for your idea with MiiCode. To schedule a consultation, simply contact us.