Compliance and Cyber Security

Cybersecurity refers to the measures taken to protect your business data and applications from malicious attempts aimed at gaining unauthorized access. There are cybersecurity compliances put in place to remove vulnerabilities, encrypt critical data and create fallback mechanisms to ward off potential dangers that emerge online.

Our Cyber Security Services

Build a rock-solid security infrastructure and operate at the maximum efficiency without second-guessing your cyber presence. Mii Code provides dependable solutions for bolstering your business cyber front across all your end-user and internal applications so that you are always productive and compliant.


Compliance Certifications


Threat Mitigation


Application Security

The MiiCode Advantages

Security Testing & Assessments

We conduct deep software analysis to highlight and fix vulnerabilities in your IT setup. This allows you to prevent hackers from breaking into your code.

Social Engineering Protection

We create social-proof systems and security workflows for your employees, in order to eradicate chances of social engineering breaches.

Compliance Services

Make your systems compliant with globally accepted security standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and NERC.

Our Cyber Security Process


Deep Analysis

Testing and analyzing your software for loopholes.


Test Use Cases

Creating a list of use cases that your application should be able to validate.


Compliance Testing

Testing your IT environment as per the compliance standards.


Defect Metric Reporting

Generating reports containing software defects, vulnerabilities and bugs.


Security Dashboards

Creating security dashboards for monitoring your systems 24x7 for improved compliance.


Disaster Recovery

Creating fallback and failover environments for increased protection.

Why MiiCode ?

Mii Code offers Compliance and Cybersecurity services to ensure that your software applications don’t have critical loopholes that give way to cyber theft. We resolve security challenges competently, with our Cybersecurity specialists that help you build a compliant environment for your business. By integrating MiiCode into your Cybersecurity setup, you’ll be able to optimize the resources working on your project and reduce the burden on in-house teams for meeting core business goals. We are known for our competitive pricing and technical prowess. From Ideation to Production, we have shortened project completion time frames drastically with our agile methodology.

Technologies We Work With

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